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The journey so far and future developments

World’s first decentralised
primary producer commodity (DEX)

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Primary Producer DEX
World’s first decentralised primary producer commodity exchange (DEX) and DASCO (DAO) network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since late 2017, Authentium is a pioneering open-source community with a shared vision to design and build an ecosystem of DAO-like Decentralised Autonomous Supply Chain Organisations (DASCO’s) that remove powerful centralised authorities from global food supply chains.

Our vision is to liberate primary producers from these centralised exploitive supply chains. We think it’s time we help to create a new world of trusted peer-to-peer food supply chains by building an ecosystem that incentivises their transformation.
We are a global open community of like-minded individuals who genuinely care about the coming new world order where all primary producers are treated fairly, equally and justly rewarded for their hard work. We see a future where large exploitive supply chain companies lose their powerful dominance over primary producers by enabling a true decentralisation of the 6 trillion-dollar food industry.

Authentium in partnership with Algorand and the Algorand Foundation will be revolutionising supply chains with the creation of the world’s first DAO-like DASCOs to be built on the Algorand blockchain. With the backing of the Algorand Foundation, Authentium has built and continues to enhance a range of open source technology stacks for the ecosystem.
We believe supply chains are broken. Buyers simply don't trust them. They are highly inefficient, lack transparency and provenance traceability and are controlled by powerful centralised intermediaries. Their time is up. Struggling primary producers and farmers are controlled by these supply chain cartels who take their profits and withhold valuable provenance data and have no interest in sharing this data with the world. We want to change this for good.

An Authentium future is one that is caring, fair, open, transparent and ultimately restores the market inequities and power back to where it belongs….the hard working people in the farming and primary production industry who feed the world. Our sole mission is to help them to generate more profits so they can re-generate their soils properly and ultimately deliver real globally sustainable farming practises.